Bike 2 Work Buddies

October 3, 2020

October 3, 2020 - "Bike 2 Work Buddies" is a livelihood project designed to benefit low-income families in Paranaque -- heads of families, breadwinners, displaced workers who need a bicycle for their choses self-employment, government employees like barangay tanods, security guards, etc. This was launched last October 3 at BF Homes Pavilion in Paranaque City. Bike2WorkBuddies (B2WB) is a joint project of RC Makati with 4 Paranaque Clubs -- RC Paranaque Metro, RC Paranaque Metro South, RC Paranaque Midtown & RC Paranaque St. Andrew. The project has several components -- one. the donation of brand new bikes to 55 beneficiaries & twom a rapid svaings mobilization scheme under which recipients will donate amounts to build a fund to be used for community projects. The total budget or the project is Php 340,000, half of which was RC Makati's contribution, with the rest shared by the other 4 participating Clubs.

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