Drive Thru Flu Vaccine Project

August 23, 2020

August 23, 2020- The “Drive Thru Flu Vaccine Project” took place last August 2 and August 23, 2020 at Goodah Restaurant, President’s Avenue from 9 am to 1 pm. The vaccines were administered by the Club’s President Elect, Dr. Sharon Callejo. The recipients of the flu vaccine were given two options – they could either have it done in the al fresco area of the restaurant or they could have it done in their cars. Before they receive the vaccines, a health declaration form must be completed and an interview is also done by the doctor. It only took about 5 to 7 minutes per recipient to complete all pre-vaccine requirements and to receive their flu shot.

100 Flu Vaccines were available to the public and 16 recipients availed of the vaccines on site. Most of the recipients were Rotarians, their family members, staff and friends.

The Drive Thru Vaccine Project is PVP Nicole Balinas’ and The RCP Midtown’s first major project of the Rotary Year. It is also a Joint Project with several clubs in the District.



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