The Zero-Waste Initiative

July 20, 2021

July 20, 2021 - This project aims to address the growing concern of non-biodegradable waste in our landfills and bodies of water. In the country, 28% of all waste are recyclable and could be used in the manufacture of the same or other items. However, not all of these are recycled because there are communities that do not practice recycling. The idea of this project, started by Rotarian Gian Nacino, is to enable small communities or villages practice recycling by donating bins for their plastic waste. As long as the recycling bins are in place, this will serve as a visual reminder to practice recycling in the community. The plastic waste is collected and converted into benches made from the recycled plastics. This will reinforce the habit among the community especially if they get to
benefit from the use of the benches in their parks.

The habit of recycling will minimize the plastic waste from the village that end up in landfills around our country. Plastic does not decompose thus creating a problem in its disposal. These plastics end up buried and forever remain under the earth. By eliminating this waste and convert it to something useful the communities will be motivated to recycle.

Our first recycle bin donation for the year was to Teoville Village in Paranaque City. We had a discussion with the target community heads of Teoville Homeowners Assoc., to assess the needs of the community in terms of implementing this project in their village. Our club and its partner organizations: JCI Alabang, Ayala Malls and Kaligiran joined a worldwide effort, World Clean Up Day, to show support for our thrust to mitigate waste pollution in our planet.

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