Rice Donation to Poultry Wakas

October 21, 2021

For this project, we were tapped by the 1Filipino Foundation to distribute 500 kgs of rice to our target beneficiaries. In partnership with RC Paranaque Metro and JCI Alabang, we were able to distribute the rice on the day, handing 5kgs packs to each family in the community.

The day started with LCP RJ with Rotarians, Tersh Tupas, Raymond Braganza and Gian Nacino going to Alabang to pick up the sacks of rice from 1Filipino Foundation. 2 pickups and 1 SUV were driven there to accommodate all the rice we were allocated. Each sack of rice was carried by the members of RC Paranaque Midtown showing their commitment to service for the beneficiaries and the club. Once loaded, all participating members drove to the target community to deliver the rice that we had promised.

Poultry Wakas has been an adopted community of RC Paranaque Midtown for well over 4 years. Our members are currently in contact with the community leaders to always discuss potential beneficial projects for the residents of Poultry Wakas Village. When the club arrived with the rice we were greeted with very big smiles. The community members have been severely affected by the COVID pandemic. The lockdowns that have been set by the government limited their ability to move around and work thus affecting their livelihoods.

We handed over 100 5kgs sacks of rice to the families in the community. From children to the elderly, family representatives lined up to receive their sack. All participating members of the club and those from the community followed the safety protocols to prevent Covid transmission.
The club would like to thank PP Allan Kato for connecting RCP Midtown and the 1Filipino Foundation. This project became the first of a handful of projects that would benefit the adopted communities of the club.

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